Sunday, April 29, 2012

Swingin' in the Breeze

There are few things as blissful as napping on hammock on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Especially if there's no homework to worry about because you finished it all the day before. Take that procrastination!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Learning is Awesome!

I LOVE to learn. Can I just say that?

Knowledge is one of those core things that is almost a part of who you are. It can't be taken away from you by anyone else. Even in the depths of poverty and the height of pride it will stick with you. What's not to love? But besides being super awesome. It is can be such a powerful tool to help yourself and to help others in ways that wouldn't be possible without it.

Why do I love to learn so much more than so many others?

Because I'm not graduating, all the classes I've taken, I've taken just been because I wanted to learn. It has made such a difference on my perspective on school. I don't care about grades....though getting into college is nice...the learning is really the ultimate goal.

And that's why I love this awesome discovery my brother shared with me a few months ago.

Well, actually a few discoveries.

Basically it's online courses on super awesome things. Made just for the internet, by genius professors, to be entirely free.

Udacity is mostly computer science and is founded by the creator of the awesome Google Self driving car. I'm currently attempting to learn computer programming from it haha.

Coursera is  a combination of awesome courses from a couple of colleges. I'm currently doing the "Model Thinking" class and it's way interesting.

Oh did I mention it's all FREE!