Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Christmas Dream

This picture doesn't actually have anything to do with my post, I just like it. Anyways...

You can tell it's Christmas dream by the nap I just had this Christmas eve. I was standing alone in this dock area that also (in my dream world) when I was in  A Capella we had sung at because it had awesome sound reverberation. It was kind of dome-ish and made out of concrete and had a sweet lookout of an ocean.

Anyways while I'm standing there I just start singing this melody. Pretty soon all these random people come out of nowhere and just start singing with me. Football players, hipsters, orchestra people, just people from all walks of life. We made an awesome improv tune with harmony and everything which eventually turned into a sweet new version of adelina de maya and I was like "whoah! Football players singing adelina de maya! This is sweet!"

Next we started "Go Tell it on the Mountain" while we stared out across the ocean. It reminded me of when we sung "Hey Jude" at the band Luau thing in the sense that there was just this unified feeling. It was such a joyous experience. Then after singing we departed our ways full of joy and love for these random strangers we didn't even know.

Anyways I don't know if my subconscious really was trying to tell me something, but like most English books I read I'll find some cool meaning anyways. To me it really just goes back to my biggest wish for the whole world. The thing that depresses me most is when I see people hating each other. That's why I said what I did at the "bandimony meeting" on fall tour. I love all the people in band so much it hurts me when I see them hurt or hated.

Now obviously I'm not perfect, but I try my best, and this dream is really another reminder for me to do better, but I thought I'd share it in case anyone else feels similarly.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


     TED: Ideas Worth Spreading. If you don't know what TED is or have never seen a video then you need to see how awesome it is. In fact I'll post a video right here. I watched this one just barely and it was really interesting as well as humorous. Not only does TED have this guy, but there are hundreds of other similarly and even more interesting and inspiring ideas on TED.

    Not only is this guy hilarious and British he also really makes you think. TED is one of those things that really inspires me to love science and technology, but it has ideas on everything from Science to Art to Global Issues. So you should acquaint yourself with it's awesomeness.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Take That Teenage Culture!

     So tonight I was reading back through my journal (see earlier post for an explanation of its awesomeness) and I read something I had written that really struck a chord with me and I had forgotten over the past while. I'd written that it really was no use stressing about girls, who I like, whether they like me, yata yata yata. I had decided that instead of stressing about dinky high school relationships I was gonna focus all my attention on becoming a better man for the girl somewhere out there that will one day be my wife.

     Instead of worrying about what might be an "I like you, you like me" kind of relationship, I should really be focusing on the "We love each other and will be with each other forever" relationship. Because I'll be honest with you, I'm a hopeless romantic, in more ways than one. And because I know I'm not ready yet, until it's time for me to search for my companion, I'm gonna make myself the best me I can be. And when I have become the best man I could be, she'll know that I did it for her.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lyrics in Music?

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but when it comes to music, I actually care what the lyrics are. Sure I love music without any lyrics at all. In fact I'm pretty sure I listen to the Lord of the Rings sountrack an unhealthy amount. But I think if a song is gonna have lyrics, they should be good lyrics, cause if they aren't, chances are I'm not buying it. For a song to really influence people in a meaningful way it's lyrics have to have a real message. That's why I love artists that have songs with real, non cliche meaning. The right song with the right lyrics can be just the thing for any emotional state. For example, recently in this time of extreme busyness and stress I've taken a lot of strength from Andy Grammer. Plus the video has Dwight Schrute in it which makes it really hilarious.

I pretty much love music in all cases, but in order to really have that extra transcendent quality, it's got to have some good lyrics.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sean or Stephen?

      I'm pretty sure every time I try to say the name of the author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" I switch off between saying Sean Covey or Stephen Covey...or sometimes even Christian Covey. It's kind of funny that I can never remember the name of the author of this book, because more than any other book besides the scriptures this book has really changed how I see the world and my own actions in it. It's really a book on personal leadership, and how to gain the greatest success one can get, success over oneself.

There's really no way to summarize how good this book is. It suffices to say it was so good I went out and bought my own copy, a rare occurrence because of my Provo library addiction. So basically, you should read this book. I even have a copy I will more than gladly lend to you!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I've recently fallen in love with nature. I blame Vincent Van Gogh. I never really understood when people said, "art makes you appreciate nature more bla bla bla" But after diving into some Van Gogh paintings I haven't walked through nature the same way. He's made me realize how beautiful it really is. He is a master of capturing it.

Along the same theme, I think I've decided that make favorite season is definitely fall. The colors are so vibrant and great. I just can't resist taking hour or more long walks like I did today and yesterday to enjoy it.

These photos are pretty great (obviously not taken by me) but no photo can capture the feeling of fall when you're out there in person.

 Enjoy it while it lasts!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Dang Attractive Author

I have a favorite book. It's author is pretty dang cool, and attractive. But the book is even better. It makes me laugh almost every page. It's pages inspire me to greatness. It helps me understand where I've come from. And where I want to go.

And guess what? It's still being written.

 It's called my Journal. 

You can look back and remember forgotten lessons and wisdom from the past. You can relive the hilarious times and wonderful moments, and with new perspective, learn from the pain.
Also, it helps you not take yourself too seriously haha. Cause looking on my past self, I always feel a little ridiculous. =D

Boss people that kept a Journal: Nephi, Lehi, Moses, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, Winston Churchill, John Adams, General Patton, Ronald Reagan, T and many many more.

"A journal is the literature of superiority. Each individual can become superior in his own humble life...Get a notebook, a journal that will last through all time, and maybe the angels may quote from it for eternity. Begin today and write in it your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations and your triumphs, your impressions and your testimonies" - Spencer W. Kimball

And now I head off to sleep, but before that, I shall write in my journal. Maybe I'll even write about me writing about me writing about me writing about my Journal. In any case. I'll do it because. I know how much it'll help me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fractals-Who knew math could be this cool?

          What is a fractal you may ask? Well basically fractals are designs and really art created by math. Fractals are found throughout nature from snowflakes to lightning to DNA. But my favorite part about them is the incredible art they can create, not to mention the extremely trippy 3d fractals.

           Fractals are created through sometimes simple and sometimes very complex math formulas. The Mandelbrot set, one of the most famous fractals is zn+1 = zn2c a relatively simple equation though how it works is a little more complex. But basically they'll color the areas for different values they get. But the coolest thing is that you can zoom in and keep zooming in and you'll keep uncovering new designs new patterns in what you thought was a cut and dry area. Try it out with this it's pretty cool. But anyways you can make some pretty amazing designs and art with fractals.

My favorite of all however are 3D fractals. Very likely the trippiest thing on the planet. 

All of it created with just a few simple math formulas. Math can be beautiful.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Seniority Means

      Throughout the summer and even now three weeks into school I often hear "Whoah it's so weird that we're seniors now!" I think I've gotten pretty used to the idea, or at least familiar with the label being placed on me. But what I constantly wonder in my head is:

     What does being a senior really mean?

Does it mean we have the right to be respected above lower class-men?
Does it mean that we are better than others?
Cooler than others?

       As I thought about these questions I saw seniors of years past, of the seniors I loved and respected the most. Some names popped into my head, Joe Lambson, Ryan Adair, David Bean, Ben Jacob, among so many others. These seniors I respected not because they were seniors, but because they were leaders. Leaders among their friends, their groups and really the whole school. They saw and brought their groups and the school toward the potential they knew it had. Ben Jacob made such a difference in the school. He unified it. He energized it. Even without barely ever talking to him he made a sizable difference in my life. Joe, Ryan and David and so many others all likewise made huge differences in the lives of others. And sure they could do and did do this to some degree when they weren't seniors. But being a senior and being in the leadership positions they were in, they had an even larger circle of influence with which to make an impact and to lead.
      In the end that's all that being a senior is. It means you have greater opportunity to be a leader in the school, to help others and bring the groups you are in to a greater potential. In the words of President Hinkley: (with a few additions in brackets)

"Do we really comprehend, do we understand the tremendous significance of that which we have? This is the summation of the generations [grades] of man , the concluding chapter in the entire panorama of the human [high school] experience. "But this does not put us in a position of superiority. Rather, it should humble us. It places upon us an unforgiving responsibility to reach out with concern for all others in the spirit of the Master, who taught, 'Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself' (Matthew 19:19). We must cast out self-righteousness and rise above petty self-interest."
--Gordon B. Hinkley, "The Dawning of a Brighter Day," Ensign, May 2004, 83-84